Couples Therapy



Sad woman sitting on bed and her husband sleeping in the backgroundAre you worried that your relationship is crumbling? Do you or your partner have difficulty listening to each other or communicating your feelings and needs throughout the day? Perhaps you often fight about small issues, but ignore the big issues that widen the gap between the two of you. Or maybe if you have children together, you and your partner may consistently argue about parenting strategies. Do you ask yourself, “If my partner would only…” on a daily basis? Have you wondered why your partner’s behaviors bother you so much? Do you wish you could find happiness and peace of mind in your relationship, feeling confident as the two of you move forward in life?

Relationship issues can cause disconnection and are difficult to manage. And, problems within your relationship can quickly cause trouble in other areas of your life as well. You may wake up in the morning worrying that you and your partner will have a verbal argument during the day, making it difficult to focus on work tasks and other important aspects of your life. The end of the day may be the tensest—as both you and your partner walk on eggshells, attempting to avoid another fight. If you and your partner have children, you may wonder if the challenges in your relationship are causing harm to their wellbeing and emotional development.

Drifting Apart From Your Partner Is Common


All couples face problems at some point or another throughout their relationships. We all have wants and needs, including the need to feel loved, valued and heard. When our needs go unmet by the one we love most, conflict often arises. And, after some time, it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of negative communication patterns.


Couple ArguingIn modern society, we have many distractions that may compete with important relationship-strengthening time. Whether it is constant communication with others through social media or cell phones or the immediate availability of engaging media sources, couples often feel the need to battle for their partner’s attention.

If you have been struggling in your relationship for years or recent issues have driven a wedge between the two of you, the sooner you seek couples therapy, the better your chances are to build and maintain a fulfilling and loving life with your partner.


Fortify Your Relationship With Couples Therapy


During safe and compassionate couples therapy sessions, you and your partner will have the opportunity to engage in open and focused conversations as well as develop goals to improve your relationship. Once you both understand each other’s goals, we will work together to ensure all of your needs are met.

After we get to know one another during a conjoint session, I’ll typically hold a few individual sessions to help me understand how each of you reacts to conflict as well as how your past relationships have shaped who you are today. Then, the three of us will come together and put a plan of action into place. Digging deeper into the history of your relationships often sheds light on why you behave the way you do now.

Two stress-reducing strategies I like to use during couples therapy include meditation and mindfulness. By first relieving stress, you and your partner will be better focused on creating positive change in your relationship. In addition, mindfulness practices allow you and your partner to slow down your thinking and focus on the present, instead of dwelling on past events or future hurdles.

Portrait of serious senior Hispanic couple standing outside house.Together, we will also practice a variety of communication techniques, which can help you and your partner listen and respect each other, as well as maintain a strong voice in your relationship. While many of the techniques I use are very specific, I’ll often alter them and tailor-create a strategy that best supports your needs and aides your relationship in the most powerful way.

I have been married for more than 40 years, and my wife and I have overcome many challenges. I know how difficult relationships can be. The good news, however, is that there is hope. Often, pain leads to change and growth. Through couples therapy sessions, you and your partner can improve your communication, strengthen your bond and move forward in a loving and resilient relationship.


I believe my partner and I need couples therapy, but I have a few questions and concerns…


My partner does not want to attend sessions. What should I do?

Whether your partner is skeptical of the effectiveness of couples therapy or he or she has other reservations, the two of you should try to attend at least one session together. It’s likely your partner has some initial fears that will start to disappear after our first session. The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between the clients and the therapist. If your partner does not feel like it is a good fit, we can work together to find another therapy outlet.

If your partner still does not want to attend couples therapy sessions, I invite you to join me for individual therapy sessions in which we can work through some of the issues you are faced with as a result of your relationship problems.

Will the amount of time and money we spend on couples therapy be worth it?

Couples therapy is an investment in your present and future well-being. Relationship issues can quickly spread to other areas of your life. If you and your partner have children, they undoubtedly will pick up on the negativity in your relationship. Feeling overwhelmed with debilitating emotions at home also can cause you to be less focused and productive at work.

The earlier you seek couples therapy, the better your chances are for a healthy and loving relationship, as well as a more fulfilling life overall. I also offer sliding scale fees and a flexible schedule to accommodate my clients’ needs.

I am worried about what others might think of my partner and me if we attend couples therapy.

Every couple faces obstacles. Some may persevere without the help of therapy, but many couples revert to negative patterns and drive an even larger wedge between themselves. At Compass Counseling, our couples therapy sessions will always remain completely confidential—everything we discuss will stay between the three of us. Nevertheless, if you do decide to tell your friends and loved ones that you and your partner are working to improve your relationship, they may even admire you for it—and possibly consider seeking similar help for their relationships.



Find Peace In A Resilient And Loving Relationship


If you and your partner are ready to rediscover the happiness of a healthy relationship, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and how couples therapy can help you.