I believe that everything we have experienced from our beginning until the present moment informs who we are and how we travel our course. Helping you discover how your past has shaped your present and, utilizing that discovery to help you navigate your way through today’s troubles and into a bright tomorrow, is what I believe our therapeutic work is all about.

Whether dealing with relationship difficulties, addiction issues, grieving a loss, navigating a job or career transition, or dealing with depression and anxiety, I provide a safe and supportive space to help you chart your course and continue your journey toward a healthier you.

PhilMy work is informed by my own life’s experience as a corporate executive, business owner, husband, father, and grandfather who has personally experienced many of the life transitions and course corrections that our life’s journey demands of us. That practical life experience, coupled with an advanced degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and practical counseling experience, provides a unique and balanced perspective that allows me to relate to virtually any life circumstance, providing safe and gentle support and the type of navigational aid that any traveler through life demands of a good compass. I look forward to working with you as your journey continues


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